We produce specialty coffee beans with grades 1 and 2, as set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). We also buy coffee from nearby farmers through an out-growers program.

Hambela Natural coffee 131204

Our current farms are located in fertile Oromia, approximately 477 kilometers south of Addis Ababa and in Hambela, a 200 hectare farm that has its own washing station, dry mill, drying beds, a large warehouse and guest bungalows. We also have a washing station and dry mill in the nearby village of Gedeb.


Altogether, we employ 28 full-time staff and 700 seasonal staff, 70% or more of which are women. We partner with more than 700 out growers to provide best practices on growing, harvesting and selling coffee.


We welcome visitors to the farm! Guest bungalows are available for those who would like to come and experience the farm first-hand. We invite you to stay with us and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the delicious coffee, and the delightful company of our employees and farmers.


We are also pursuing farms in other areas around Ethiopia. For buyers interested in other Ethiopian varieties, we will connect buyers with high-quality traceable coffee beans from other superior coffee growing regions of Ethiopia.


We grow our baby plants in large beds in shaded nurseries until they are strong enough to be permanently planted. Planting often takes place during the wet season so that the soil remains moist while the roots become firmly established. Arabica trees can take up to four years to produce their first crop.

Once the coffee has been picked, we begin processing as quickly as possible to prevent fruit spoilage. We achieve the high quality of processing of the  beans by using modern and controlled wet and dry processing systems.


YIRGACHEFFE™ – a highland grown coffee recognised for its distinct character, set apart by an exceptional citrus and floral flavour. It has a firm and fine acidity, with a viscous, round, creamy and mouthful tactile sensation. When processed naturally, it has a pleasant aftertaste. The bean is uniform, thick, medium to bold, blue in colour, oval in shape and compact. This is the most well known washed Ethiopian coffee.

SIDAMO™ – produces exceptional washed and natural coffee, with medium-pointed to pointed-firm acidity, medium to full tactile sensation and its own distinct flavour notes of spice and citrus. The bean is small to medium sized and green-grey to blue in colour. Both washed and naturally processed.

HARRAR™ – famous worldwide for its distinctive, genuine mocha flavour and soft, smooth and round tactile sensation. The longberry and amber beans are thick and oval in shape, medium to large in size, and green to yellow-umber in colour. Sun-dried processed only, it is produced in the eastern highlands. It is regarded as one of the finest premium coffees.

LIMMU – with a lively medium to firm acidity and smooth to round tactile sensation, this coffee is well-known for its distinctive flavour. The bean has a uniform appearance, blue in colour, medium to bold, thick in size and oblong to round in shape. Washed only, it is renowned for its good cup, sweet and spicy “wine-like” flavour and balanced body. It is highly sought by many roasters, especially in Europe and United States. It is one of the premium gourmet coffees worldwide.

JIMMA – represents the bulk of Ethiopian natural export coffee, often used in blends. It has medium acidity, and a good and pleasant body. The beans are medium to bold, oval and thick. Sun-dried processed only, it is the best known Ethiopian coffee within the industry and represents the bulk of Ethiopian coffee exports. This type covers a multitude of southwestern Ethiopian coffees, including Limu unwashed processed coffee, as well as Jimma specialty coffees. In many cases, these vast varietals are exported simply as “Jimma coffee.”

TEPI/BEBEKA – most often comes from the state-owned plantations of Tepi/Bebeka. This coffee has a soft and smooth acidity with some nutty and caramel notes, as well as a rich and rounded tactile sensation. The beans have a large, thick, wide centre cut, pointed ends, less specific density, and have a green to grey appearance in colour. Washed only, these coffees have less acidity, body and a soft flavour. They often help roasters achieve specific results in their blends.

NEKEMPTI/GIMBI – recognised for its full and fruity flavour, medium to pointed acidity and a medium to full tactile sensation. This coffee has its own distinct noting character of a fruity finish. The beans are generally medium in size, green to grey in colour, and are washed and sun-dried (natural) processed. This coffee is an important part of many roasters’ blends, but can also be a gourmet single varietal.